Home Affairs

Home Affairs
  • • Common purpose and any other discriminatory group or organization shall be outlawed, equal opportunities under the law for all people must apply everywhere, no longer will enforced quotas based upon sex, race or sexuality exist.
  • • A crackdown of ALL paedophiles nationwide will occur with special attention paid to elite networks who have been trafficking, raping and murdering children for many, many decades
  • • The grooming gangs will be targeted by the same crack team relentlessly from day one
  • Complete overhaul of the official secrets act, lifting of all in the public interest.
  • • Central government shall be shrunk by at least 25% within our first term as government
  • • De-centralizing powers will be given to each local government and national assembly
  • • Direct democracy will be enacted locally & nationally at all levels using the democrats & veterans party model.