• Patients will be able to opt-out of the NHS and instead pay their contributions into individual health accounts if they so wish.
• A proportion of these accounts will be used for everyday healthcare, and a portion set aside for insurance against serious illness.
• Government to continue to pay the cover of those who choose to remain within the system or who cannot afford to create individual accounts.
• Government grants for medical research and programs shall be given to preventative medicine & programs instead of cures on a majority funding basis.
• The complete Renationalisation of the NHS
• Any private health company who uses NHS trained staff must pay a levy worth 25% of the staff’s pay to the NHS to train future staff.
• Procurement will be centralized so as not to waste the estimated £3 billion on pens and toilet roll amongst much more waste.
• NHS management costs will be cut by 50% immediately
• NICE will be abolished & replaced with competent business patriots who will negotiate the pricing of drugs brought by the NHS to save many hundreds of millions a year.