• Any and all deficit spending shall be made illegal, we must live within our means.
• A ‘robin hood’ tax will be introduced for OTC derivatives & high frequency trading at around 0.017% which would raise approximately £100 billion a year in additional revenue for the treasury
• According to the ECB, Taxpayers alliance & others, the combined estimates the government wastes are a staggering £150 billion minimum every year in inefficiency, procurement malpractice, corporate subsidies & pet projects, we will review all of this waste and put an end to it within 1 year.
• A complete ban on zero-hour contracts will be enacted.
• Apprenticeships will be paid at the rate of the minimum wage per hour unless a job role is guaranteed pending pre-agreed commitments to obtain the role throughout the apprenticeship & an independent body will be established to rule in the case of any disputes between the apprentice & the employer.
• Every individual with a British citizenship earning under £20,000 will not pay any income tax after the first 12 months of our government.
• Tax loopholes that allow corporations to circumvent tax law will be closed with immediate effect, the income then acquired from the additional revenue shall be distributed to all small business across Britain via tax breaks for a period of no less than 5 years.
• The absurd regulatory burden faced by businesses and lobbied for by corporations for their own advantage shall be reviewed completely and no less than 30% repealed within 12 months.
• For every new regulation 2 existing regulations must be cut for the lifetime of our government.
• Reform Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) pricing
• All monetary policy transferred to the treasury
• Establishment of a state investment bank
• Abolish the Bank of England nominees Limited (BOEN)
• Revoke the bank of England’s “Royal Charter” status
• Revoke it’s protection under the official secrets act
• Repeal the 1998 Bank of England act
• Revoke the Bank of England’s Corporation status
• Compile a “citizen debt audit”