About us

About us

The People’s Revolution Party strives for prosperity, equality, freedom, limited government, the empowerment of local communities over their affairs as well as the elevated economic well-being of all citizens. We relentlessly seek to have these core principles fully enacted in every part of the United Kingdom.

We believe in the right of all citizens to participate fully in all aspects of society and the political arena, more inclusive and relevant elections and having a real say in the running of their party, elected national and local governments.

The People’s Revolution Party is run by the members of the Party through a grass-roots activist framework of direct democracy, our aim is simple, to give power back to the people so that they have a real say over their own lives, to resist and overturn the corrupt political system dominated by special interests, globalists influencers and big business interests.

We wholeheartedly intend to massively shrink the wealth inequality gap and provide the opportunity for the citizens of the United Kingdom to benefit from the prosperity enjoyed almost solely by the rich and powerful summed up by the statistic that in 2014, according to the governments office for national statistics (ONS) the UK’s top 1% now own the same amount of wealth as 54% of the entire UK population, some 32 million people.

The People’s Revolution Party was founded in 2017, by Thomas Parsons. The aspirations of the Parties founders were simple, to bring the Government to heel and carry out the will of the people, for too long our ‘elected representatives’ have run a-muck over the wishes of the people they claim to represent, instead pursuing self-interest and personal enrichment.

For too long we the people have been divided along the lines of race, class, economic opportunities and consistently being put into groups by the Westminster politicians, EU bureaucrats and the mainstream media. We have seen the result of this division in the economic stagnation of our country for too many years, the erosion of critical industry in the North, the labeling and subsequent rebuttal as ‘racist’ of anyone who tries to have an open discussion on sensible immigration policies, the lost generation of children forced to attend sub-standard schools through the Governments postcode lottery policies. This must stop and we intend to do everything in our power to make that happen and to give the people what they want by listening, engaging, joining and most importantly acting on the will of the people.

A quite recent ONS report for 2014 cited that the percentage of the UK population that is now in the ‘income-poverty rate’ is 16.8%, just short of 11 million people. Since then through persistent services cuts, stagnating wages, perpetual price increases this will have undoubtedly risen likely close to 20% or beyond. This is complete madness, we aim solely to bring all those people out of poverty for good and to get our own country’s house in order instead of going swanning around the world telling other countries how to run their own affairs.

We have enough problems in this country that need to be immediately and swiftly solved that our ‘elected representatives’ have failed time and time again through successive governments to do. We can no longer be putting all our effort into tackling poverty in the likes of Africa and Asia when we have single mums and dads, grandparents, military veterans, young people, children and the elderly suffering under the oppressive weight of poverty here at home.

What the People’s Revolution Party Stands For

The People’s Revolution Party believes in solving the underlying conditions which generate the systematic and deeply rooted poverty, injustice and inequality which people experience every day. The achievement of equality requires that society be quickly and thoroughly reorganized with the specific objective of a more equal distribution of wealth and power handed back to the people.

We firmly believe that community solidarity, a common sense of belonging and a willingness to work for all those people in the local and the wider community, is essential to creating the highest possible quality of life for all.

The environment is central to a true sense of community, locally and globally. Without clean water, air and safe food there is no life. All human interaction with the environment must be sustainable so that we can meet the needs of today without compromising the rights of future generations.

We believe in a democracy in which all people can and are encouraged to participate in decision-making on an equal and direct basis wherever their interests are affected. To function effectively, democracy requires access to information and analysis through a media that is under a true diverse ownership and underpinned by effective freedom of information legislation, as well as the core acknowledgement that the will of the people must always be carried out and never violated.
We reject the use of force, intimidation and violence as a means of achieving political aims in a true democratic society. It also unequivocally opposes all forms of corruption in political life.

The People’s Revolution Party affirms the roles of local and central governments in ensuring that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to a home, to a good standard of living, to high levels of health care and education and to employment. Such rights should not depend on income, power or privilege.

What the People’s Revolution Party Does

The People’s Revolution Party believes that its ideas, structure, engagement and policy objectives provide the best means by which The United Kingdom can be transformed into a more equal, safe and prosperous society.

The People’s Revolution Party believes that political action is central to the achievements of a prosperous and vibrant society. A direct democracy political process provides the best means of articulating the difficult choices facing society by asking the people what they want their leaders to do on their behalf and to then to ensure that the will of the people is implemented through the governmental process.

The People’s Revolution Party is committed to direct democracy and equality in the way it operates as a political party. It seeks to draw towards the Party all of those who share its vision and to value their contribution whether as members, activists, supporters or voters.

The People’s Revolution Party will work on a daily basis at a local, national and online to advance the objectives set out in this Constitution through direct engagement with people from all walks of life and is committed to promoting these objectives in any potential governmental or parliamentary role(s).