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About us

About us

The People’s Revolution Party strives for prosperity, equality, freedom, limited government, the empowerment of local communities over their affairs as well as the elevated economic well-being of all citizens. We relentlessly seek to have these core principles fully enacted in every part of the United Kingdom.

We believe in the right of all citizens to participate fully in all aspects of society and the political arena, more inclusive and relevant elections and having a real say in the running of their party, elected national and local governments.

The People’s Revolution Party is run by the members of the Party through a grass-roots activist framework of direct democracy, our aim is simple, to give power back to the people so that they have a real say over their own lives, to resist and overturn the corrupt political system dominated by special interests, globalists influencers and big business interests.

We wholeheartedly intend to massively shrink the wealth inequality gap and provide the opportunity for the citizens of the United Kingdom to benefit from the prosperity enjoyed almost solely by the rich and powerful summed up by the statistic that in 2014, according to the governments office for national statistics (ONS) the UK’s top 1% now own the same amount of wealth as 54% of the entire UK population, some 32 million people.

The People’s Revolution Party was founded in 2017, by Thomas Parsons. The aspirations of the Parties founders were simple, to bring the Government to heel and carry out the will of the people, for too long our ‘elected representatives’ have run a-muck over the wishes of the people they claim to represent, instead pursuing self-interest and personal enrichment.

For too long we the people have been divided along the lines of race, class, economic opportunities and consistently being put into groups by the Westminster politicians, EU bureaucrats and the mainstream media. We have seen the result of this division in the economic stagnation of our country for too many years, the erosion of critical industry in the North, the labeling and subsequent rebuttal as ‘racist’ of anyone who tries to have an open discussion on sensible immigration policies, the lost generation of children forced to attend sub-standard schools through the Governments postcode lottery policies. This must stop and we intend to do everything in our power to make that happen and to give the people what they want by listening, engaging, joining and most importantly acting on the will of the people.

A quite recent ONS report for 2014 cited that the percentage of the UK population that is now in the ‘income-poverty rate’ is 16.8%, just short of 11 million people. Since then through persistent services cuts, stagnating wages, perpetual price increases this will have undoubtedly risen likely close to 20% or beyond. This is complete madness, we aim solely to bring all those people out of poverty for good and to get our own country’s house in order instead of going swanning around the world telling other countries how to run their own affairs.

We have enough problems in this country that need to be immediately and swiftly solved that our ‘elected representatives’ have failed time and time again through successive governments to do. We can no longer be putting all our effort into tackling poverty in the likes of Africa and Asia when we have single mums and dads, grandparents, military veterans, young people, children and the elderly suffering under the oppressive weight of poverty here at home.

What the People’s Revolution Party Stands For

The People’s Revolution Party believes in solving the underlying conditions which generate the systematic and deeply rooted poverty, injustice and inequality which people experience every day. The achievement of equality requires that society be quickly and thoroughly reorganized with the specific objective of a more equal distribution of wealth and power handed back to the people.

We firmly believe that community solidarity, a common sense of belonging and a willingness to work for all those people in the local and the wider community, is essential to creating the highest possible quality of life for all.

The environment is central to a true sense of community, locally and globally. Without clean water, air and safe food there is no life. All human interaction with the environment must be sustainable so that we can meet the needs of today without compromising the rights of future generations.

We believe in a democracy in which all people can and are encouraged to participate in decision-making on an equal and direct basis wherever their interests are affected. To function effectively, democracy requires access to information and analysis through a media that is under a true diverse ownership and underpinned by effective freedom of information legislation, as well as the core acknowledgement that the will of the people must always be carried out and never violated.
We reject the use of force, intimidation and violence as a means of achieving political aims in a true democratic society. It also unequivocally opposes all forms of corruption in political life.

The People’s Revolution Party affirms the roles of local and central governments in ensuring that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to a home, to a good standard of living, to high levels of health care and education and to employment. Such rights should not depend on income, power or privilege.

What the People’s Revolution Party Does

The People’s Revolution Party believes that its ideas, structure, engagement and policy objectives provide the best means by which The United Kingdom can be transformed into a more equal, safe and prosperous society.

The People’s Revolution Party believes that political action is central to the achievements of a prosperous and vibrant society. A direct democracy political process provides the best means of articulating the difficult choices facing society by asking the people what they want their leaders to do on their behalf and to then to ensure that the will of the people is implemented through the governmental process.

The People’s Revolution Party is committed to direct democracy and equality in the way it operates as a political party. It seeks to draw towards the Party all of those who share its vision and to value their contribution whether as members, activists, supporters or voters.

The People’s Revolution Party will work on a daily basis at a local, national and online to advance the objectives set out in this Constitution through direct engagement with people from all walks of life and is committed to promoting these objectives in any potential governmental or parliamentary role(s).


• A total UK withdrawal from the European Union
• Complete control of the UK borders
• Full British control over fishing and agriculture
• UK to retake its seat at the World Trade Organisation;
• UK to do many bilateral free trade deals across the world as possible
• If we encounter EU obstruction of the UK’s withdrawal, we shall repeal the European Communities Act and withdraw unilaterally
• No further payments to the European Union following our withdrawal
• The British government made it clear if the country chose to leave the European union it would leave the customs union as well as the European union, the will of the people MUST be enacted promptly.
• We favour a complete zero tariff free trade agreement with the EU but if they continue to not play ball we will walk away and enact the bilateral trade deals we will negotiate with the US, China & India over a 12 month transition process so that businesses can adapt.


• Patients will be able to opt-out of the NHS and instead pay their contributions into individual health accounts if they so wish.
• A proportion of these accounts will be used for everyday healthcare, and a portion set aside for insurance against serious illness.
• Government to continue to pay the cover of those who choose to remain within the system or who cannot afford to create individual accounts.
• Government grants for medical research and programs shall be given to preventative medicine & programs instead of cures on a majority funding basis.
• The complete Renationalisation of the NHS
• Any private health company who uses NHS trained staff must pay a levy worth 25% of the staff’s pay to the NHS to train future staff.
• Procurement will be centralized so as not to waste the estimated £3 billion on pens and toilet roll amongst much more waste.
• NHS management costs will be cut by 50% immediately
• NICE will be abolished & replaced with competent business patriots who will negotiate the pricing of drugs brought by the NHS to save many hundreds of millions a year.


• Any and all deficit spending shall be made illegal, we must live within our means.
• A ‘robin hood’ tax will be introduced for OTC derivatives & high frequency trading at around 0.017% which would raise approximately £100 billion a year in additional revenue for the treasury
• According to the ECB, Taxpayers alliance & others, the combined estimates the government wastes are a staggering £150 billion minimum every year in inefficiency, procurement malpractice, corporate subsidies & pet projects, we will review all of this waste and put an end to it within 1 year.
• A complete ban on zero-hour contracts will be enacted.
• Apprenticeships will be paid at the rate of the minimum wage per hour unless a job role is guaranteed pending pre-agreed commitments to obtain the role throughout the apprenticeship & an independent body will be established to rule in the case of any disputes between the apprentice & the employer.
• Every individual with a British citizenship earning under £20,000 will not pay any income tax after the first 12 months of our government.
• Tax loopholes that allow corporations to circumvent tax law will be closed with immediate effect, the income then acquired from the additional revenue shall be distributed to all small business across Britain via tax breaks for a period of no less than 5 years.
• The absurd regulatory burden faced by businesses and lobbied for by corporations for their own advantage shall be reviewed completely and no less than 30% repealed within 12 months.
• For every new regulation 2 existing regulations must be cut for the lifetime of our government.
• Reform Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) pricing
• All monetary policy transferred to the treasury
• Establishment of a state investment bank
• Abolish the Bank of England nominees Limited (BOEN)
• Revoke the bank of England’s “Royal Charter” status
• Revoke it’s protection under the official secrets act
• Repeal the 1998 Bank of England act
• Revoke the Bank of England’s Corporation status
• Compile a “citizen debt audit”

Home Affairs

Home Affairs
  • • Common purpose and any other discriminatory group or organization shall be outlawed, equal opportunities under the law for all people must apply everywhere, no longer will enforced quotas based upon sex, race or sexuality exist.
  • • A crackdown of ALL paedophiles nationwide will occur with special attention paid to elite networks who have been trafficking, raping and murdering children for many, many decades
  • • The grooming gangs will be targeted by the same crack team relentlessly from day one
  • Complete overhaul of the official secrets act, lifting of all in the public interest.
  • • Central government shall be shrunk by at least 25% within our first term as government
  • • De-centralizing powers will be given to each local government and national assembly
  • • Direct democracy will be enacted locally & nationally at all levels using the democrats & veterans party model.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs
  • Immediate 75% reduction in foreign aid and a constant review of the remaining 25% to ensure it is being spent properly, effectively & where it is desperately needed.
  • We will stop the illegal wars abroad
  • We will work with President Trump to bring lasting peace to the world through a position of strength against those who do not wish to see it.


  • Bring our troops home
  • Stop fighting far away illegal wars
  • Use the military to protect our borders/ports & critical infrastructure
  • Stop the massive procurement waste of MOD revolving-door bigwigs
  • Give our brave military personel a 10% pay rise immediately
  • We will ensure our brave men & women have ALL the proper equipment & training they require


• Central Government will cease to dictate administration and teaching policies to local schools.
• The current national curriculum should be scrapped & replaced with more relevant subjects and teaching so as to ensure that when children leave school they already have the knowledge needed to live effectively as an adult.
• We will implement a creativity framework from which schools & teachers can express themselves with their teaching, studies and evidence shows that the more creative & expressive teachers are allowed to be in their professional teaching role the better the results, engagement and enthusiasm which in turn will help aid the reduction of the mental health crisis and improve their positive thinking.
• Remove all Marxist and Islamic based indoctrination from the classroom
• Teach children of British achievements and restore pride in our country
• Reduce admin for teachers and reduce testing
• Promote industry cooperation with apprenticeships and work experience
• Graduate cooperation programmes with business and industry
• Re-introduce grammar schools

Law & Order

Law & Order
  • Full reinstatement of legal aid
  • Senior judges shall be appointed through open parliamentary hearings and MUST be constitutionally minded with a proven track record.
  • Abolish the two-tier justice system
  • Strip corporations of legal status of a ‘Person’
  • Police/front line services will be stripped of red tape and allowed to do their jobs properly
  • All required funding for all front-line services will be provided on day one of our government
  • Family courts will be fundamentally changed, the basic facts of all proceedings will be publicly available with only the identities of those involved hidden for privacy reasons.
  • Ofsted adoption targets will be scrapped
  • PAFC23 will be immediately repealed
  • Contact orders will be automatically enforceable by arrest for non-compliance
  • Political correctness will be removed 100% from all areas of legal & front-line services
  • A crack team will directly target all gangs in the major cities using the full force of the state
  • Ports will be enforced by members of the British Army so as to stop the flow of drugs/weapons and trafficking of children & adults.
  • ALL approximately 450 ISIS fighters will be detained for no less than 15 years and release only considered if every consideration of zero threat is met
  • The over 20,000 other potential jihadi’s will undergo extreme vetting and those found to be supporting terrorism will be detained for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Secure the borders by tripling the border controls agents and given them all means necessary to do there jobs most effectively, use army at ports if needed also.
  • Imprison EVERYONE of the 450 odd fighters that has been to Syria and Iraq to fight with the notable exception of those who fought for the YPG for life
  • Put the remaining 21,000 potential Jihadi's in the UK on stricter Terrorism prevention orders and do a extreme vetting analysis where it can be determined if they are a threat to society, if so then de-radicalised via a centre or camp or imprisoned if necessary and those found innocent shall be released from legal shackles and compensated to cover lost wages etc
  • Release the full report of the government inquiry into terror funding that spells out that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE among others are financing Jihadi's
  • Close down ALL Salafist mosques
  • Outlaw ALL Salafist teachings
  • Stop selling arms to the likes of Saudi Arabia
  • STOP participating in all illegal interventionist wars of aggression
  • Release ALL information held by intelligence services pertaining to others like the CIA who are arming Jihadi groups
  • Stop our security services from arming or supporting in any way "rebels" or any other group anywhere in the world
  • Release ALL information pertaining to Peter Power and the true events of 7/7
  • Instruct GCHQ to target Salafist communities ONLY to ensure all those who are radicals are known and diminish any potential threat significantly
  • Tony Blair & all those who knowingly aided us into the illegal and fraudulent Iraq war MUST face a public trial for treason.


• The re-nationalisation of Britain’s railways will occur with the ending of each of the contract
• All potholes will be repaired within 12 months nationwide
• A team of designated officials will oversee all road repairs to ensure they are carried out in a prompt manner, no longer will we see lanes/roads closed with no work occurring which we see all too often.
• A massive infrastructure rebuilding will occur over 10 years to provide world class roads & mag-lev trains all over the country
• HS2 will be scrapped immediately

Constitution, Democracy & Electoral Reform

Constitution, Democracy & Electoral Reform
• Abolition of MP’s perks
• Transparency for all remaining perks
• MP’s bound by the same laws that apply to everybody else
• Election of committee chairmen and parliamentary officials
• Committee hearings for senior civil servants and heads of executive agencies
• Annualised budgets for each department and agency
• Scrapping state funding for parties and real transparency in donations
• A much smaller ministerial payroll
• Open primaries
• Lords to be elected
• Abolish the Remembrancer from Parliament
• Ban all forms of monetary lobbying
• An end to the so-called “public-private sector rotating door”
• Make the Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill law
• Pass a Reserve powers act, guaranteeing the supremacy of Parliament over foreign treaties and domestic judicial activism.
• Ban Millionaires, billionaires, corporations and foreign interests from donating directly/indirectly to political parties
• Abolition of the City of London Corporation - The secret state & tax haven within London
• MP’s second homes (those closest to Westminster) shall become state property at the end of their ‘career’
• The introduction of ‘none of the above’ on ballot papers
• The prime minister shall be limited to 2 terms in office
• All MP’s shall be limited to 3 terms in office
• There should be a public referendum before going to war except for invasion by a foreign military or immediate threat.
• Party manifestos should be legally binding

Mainstream news media

Mainstream news media
  • End the BBC licence fee
  • Newspaper retractions will be printed in the same font size and on the same page as the offending article
  • The monopoly on news media will be ended, a diverse ownership is crucial to a true democracy, this will occur over a 2 year period.
  • Talking points put out by news executives to their media outlets will be banned, editors & journalists need the freedom to investigate & report on everything without hindrance from editors or agenda driven owners.

Fighting For Justice

Fighting For Justice
We are honoured & proud to work with Fighting For Justice

These families have been lied too, abused, denied justice yet they stand strong and we are inspired by their courage and determination, they are the most humble & incredible people and it is a privilage to not only have met them but to be working with them on a daily basis.

We stand with them & support them in every capacity.

Please join the fight.

In January this year , our boys Josh, Harry and George were mowed down and murdered on their way to a friends 16th birthday party. Ever since that day, we have had to fight the corrupt establishment, who have concealed the truth away from all of you. If you have read and listened to the mainstream media, and you didn’t know about Fighting For Justice, then you would of probably believed their lies about what took place that night. We don’t want our children, to become your children. So this is our story..
On Saturday 26th January 2018, Josh, Harry & George were making their way to their friends birthday party at Goals, Shepiston Lane, Hayes. At 20:40pm they were struck down by a Black Audi driven by Jaynesh Chudasma. Josh was hit with such force he was thrown over an 8ft foot fence, Harry was carried on the bonnet until the car crashed into the cemetery wall, a girl held George’s hand as he laid half in the road and half on the pavement. The driver and the passenger then ran and fled from the scene, if this had been an accident, they would of stopped to check on the victims, but they didn’t, they ran like the cowards they are. 2 of the other boys that had been hit, then managed to catch up with the driver at the Esso garage, they then hit him over the head with a bottle to make sure he couldn’t escape. When the paramedics arrived they proceeded to treat the driver first, instead of the children, to the disgust of everyone. The passenger managed to escape and to this day is still under investigation.
There has been a catalogue of errors and a cover up from the start. These are the questions I want answering
  1. Why did the Police say it wasn’t terror related within 30-40 minutes?
  2. Why wasn’t the drivers house searched?
  3. Why can’t they find any CCTV of the driver 2 hours before it happened?
  4. The collision report which states the driver never lost control of the vehicle was left out of the trial, why was this allowed to happen?
  5. They took the impact out of our impact statements. Why did they do this?
  6. Was this a planned attack?
  7. Where the driver and passenger working with the police?
  8.   What  religion was the driver?  By his own admittance he had submitted to  peer pressure with drinking, it is therefore highly likely he may well  have submitted to pressure and brainwashing from extremists?
  9. Why did the Police tell us that the driver didn’t have a criminal record, when in fact he had cautions for theft, possession of cannabis, assault with considerable violence?
  10.  The  passenger escaped and the parents were told by the police 2 days  after the murder that they had identified the passenger and were going  to arrest him.  Within 2 hours he had turned himself in at a Police  Station, how he knew he had been identified is a mystery  …. The Police only questioned him for 30 minutes and all he said apart  from ‘no comment’ was that he wasn’t driving and he never saw  anyone.  The week before sentencing he came back with a prepared  statement that said nothing more.   To date he has not been charged with  any offense.   He was a suspect and a vital witness to the murder and  the Police questioned him for 30 minutes only? 
After everything that has happened to us, we are still here fighting, we should be grieving but instead we’re having to travel the length and breadth of this country to bring people the truth about what really happened that night. We have traveled from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester and finally finishing off in London, giving a speech at the UKFM march. Our lives will never be the same again and we are determined more than ever to get justice for our boys. We’ve had amazing support from people in the UK and all over the world for that matter. Our message is simple, we don’t want our children to become your children. We have to stand up, rise up and be counted. We can’t allow the establishment to keep treating us this way. Every time they knock us down, it lights a fire in each and every one of us. We will never stop until we get justice, this is a difficult battle, but it’s one that we must all fight together. So I implore you to share our page, follow it, share our videos and help us get our story out there to the masses. The elite picked the wrong families to try and silence, so as long as we’re breathing, we will never stop.


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Meet The Team

Thomas Parsons

Party Leader

Lee Martin Williams


Andy Smith

Party Coordinator

Ashley Brierley

Social Media Relations Officer

Patricia Stoneham

Party Compliance Officer

Anthony Stacey


In loving memory of roy albert hawes

In loving memory of roy albert hawes
A message from the TPRP founder:

The first person I told about the plan to reclaim the UK for the people and was the very first man to support it.
The only man to never question my commitment and only ever encouraged me.
A true gentleman and a Family man, a true one in a million.
Always smiling, always laughing.
Always made everyone feel a lot better no matter what was going on personally.
A true showman, the Bruce Forsyth of the working class.
You will be sorely missed but you will never be forgotten.
I fight for this movement in your honour.
I will always love you.
R.I.P Grandad.

Thomas Parsons
Party founder


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